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Document that you wrote[편집]

I deleted document that you wrote because Document is not related to the Great Escape. Please write the document that is related to the Great Escape. Thank you. — Wikiwater2020 (T / C) 2020년 8월 31일 (월) 18:37 (KST)

이럴 땐 article이라고 씁니다. -- Daedan (토론) 2020년 8월 31일 (월) 19:02 (KST)

Blocking instructions[편집]

It has been blocked indefinitely because the account name advertises a specific product. If you wish to change your account name, we will inform you that the block will be removed. The current user talk can be edited, and if you leave your intention to change it in the user discussion, we will unblock it after changing the account name. GTX1060 (토론) 2020년 8월 31일 (월) 19:13 (KST)